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Club structures

  • In terms of professional training, the clubs has been instructed by non-professional Baduk player Vu Thien Bao (4 dan), the coach of the Hanoi Baduk team, with the assistant of Mr. Miyata, a Japanese non-professional Baduk player.
  • As for management and development, the Club often receives assistance from the co-founder of the Exchange Baduk Club, Miss Phan Thi Thu Lan.
  • The club is now directly managed by:
    • Mr. Quang Huy, Nguyen3d (born 1985) chief manager, responsible for discipline and facilities.
      YM: nguyenquanghuy85
      Phone: 84 - 98 983 41 11
    • Mr. Minh Quang, Pham 5d (born1986) Baduk technique instructor
      YM: im_not_dicky
      Phone: 84 936 909 361
    • Mr. Duc Anh , Pham 5D (born 1988) Baduk technique instructor
      YM: pham_anh2188
      Phone: 84 - 168 336 51 65
    • Mr. Manh Linh, Nguyen 5D (born 1987)Baduk technique instructor
      YM: nsync_go_5105
      Phone: 84 - 98 498 32 22
  • Conditions to become members:
    • Intelligent, courteous.
    • Respect the rules and other regulations of the club.
  • The current members of the club are more than 70.